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Subject: Farm Life Chapter 1Hello & Thanks for choosing to read my story, this story is fictional and
in no way related to any events that have taken place. I strongly believe
in safe sex unless in a loving trusting relationship to which sex is a
special exchange of love.I encourage you to praise or criticisms anything about my work but I do
have feelings so keep it nice please, email me at niftybikerlads.co.ukFinally there are age limits in place It you are under age to be on here I
sympathize for you but Please leave sorry. Oh this is gay story involving
two males exchanging in sexual lolita top 100 toplist emotions.*********FARM LIFE CHAPTER 1********Hi my name is Troy I'm 17 and still live with my folks, I live in a remote
part of Dorset England and despite the lack of things to do here I wouldn't
change it for anything!By the age of 13 I could drive a car albeit around a field but was able to
handle a car at speed, at 15 I was on to tractors and cross bikes nymphet preteen lolita cp
meant I could earn money helping on the local farms. And me and my mates
could tear around the country side on our cross bikes.And of course go to school for GCSE's to which was amazing fun... yeah I
actually Can say it was amazing. Thankfully I had an amazing group of
friends and we seemed to dominate our year and with the help of some older
brothers manage to maintain a healthy presence in the School we were a very
in crowd.I also had some amazing close friends who to this day support me and we all
still hang around with although close still do not know about me, that is
that I'm gay. My parents and my aunt Sarah are the only people who know oh
and I guess you do now.My aunt Sadie was amazing about it she had loads of gay friends when she
was at university and told me many stories and her "fag-hag years" she
helped me gain the confidence needed to out myself to my mum and dad...Mum cried for days and used to well up weeks after at the mention of it
until we had one of those chats. It seemed to waylay the fears she had
although upset that she "might" never have grandkids as I was only child,
but did say finally it was my life my feelings and that she would support
me we both cried that night but aunt Sadie her big sis was massively
supportive for both of us.Dad however never spoke of it directly to me about it and blamed it on a
phase and that it was because I was an only child. We still talk but just
never mention the gay thing around him.I'm now 17 and one thing I haven't done and so keen to do is have a sex
with a guy and have a boyfriend who I can kiss cuddle be with share secrets
and intermit feelings for and to shag like rabbits!Aunt Sadie kept saying it will happen and that I need to patient... I tried
everything from phone dating services which meant I had to explain why
there was �150 phone bill to dad... Needless to say haven't done that
again. Then tried the internet, gaydar was useless either to far or miles
to old. I stumbled across a website called fitlads jeeeez so much fun so
many fit lads all up 4 it.... But that was just it they were only after it
I mean just sex a phone wank or cam or just a meet.Yeah I wanted to be close to a guy I wanted to experience sex, feeling a
guy inside me and the passion. But I wanted it to be in a relationship not
some one night of mad passion and lust. Then thanks for a cool night here's
my number if you wanna do it again.My lifestyle could be described as outgoing and very physical working on
farms and enjoying the local haunts meant that getting around without a car
and a road legal bike meant that I was limited to pedal power.All this meant one thing I'm fit as fuck not necessarily from a looks point
of view but a certainly have one of those bodies that has the right muscles
where most guys find desirable. The tan also helps although not an all year
one it certainly during summer meant that I was bronzed pretty much all
over working on the farms is hot work so naturally topless work meant
sunning myself. 16 yo lolita fantasy
My light brown hair and bluey green eyes would certainly
give me boyish looks and I think a desirability the girls went for.****It was the summer of my 18th birthday and was getting some money together
for a car. It was hot hard work this year on the farm I was doing 7am to
9pm 6 days a week. It did however mean I had no social life as I was to
shattered lolita nude photo bbs to do anything.Weeks went by and I worked my ass off, I was working in the stables it was
overcast and very stuffy I had my scruffy jeans on and was topless. Mucking
out is hot boring work I was listening to my lpod Scissor Sisters rock and
is a good distraction to the smell and the heat. I was dripping in sweat I
must have hummed.I was well into my music when this hand grabbed my shoulder and pretty much
slipped down my back. I had never jumped so much in my life the shock made
me stand bolt upright as I felt these hands just slip right down my back
and a blur pass right in front of me...**THUDD**This crumpled heap was now lying on the floor in front of me"Hey bud you ok"He rolled over it, he was non nude litlle lolitas beautiful stunning gorgeous cute face. I held my
hand out to pull him self up. He brushed himself down and with a very red
face held his hand out,"Errr hello, sorry mate if I made you jump I'm Liam"He had a very firm hand shake and maintained eye contact all the way
through us meeting. Which was very disconcerting but also amazing the
combination of his deep blue eyes and the hand shake sent shivers down my
spine?"Well its an introduction to remember, anyway Hi Liam my name is...""Troy I know, my uncle has been ranting and raving about you since
beginning of summer. And now l can see why"Some what bewildered by the fact he knew me already all I could do was
smile and look confused. It seemed to work as we started chatting.He explained how every summer his folks would send him here to help his
uncle, it was a sort of holiday as he gets spoilt by his uncle. In exchange
he done work on the farm, he then went on to say that his uncle had been
winding him up saying that he had taken on a very useful and strapping farm
hand."And here you are, you have done all the work for me"We both joked and laughed he even mucked in himself, when his uncle came to
check he couldn't believe how quick we got it done. We were rewarded with
ice cold shandys and ice lollys.It started looking as though my summer was on the up I was going to be
working with this stud and the best part was that we got on. All I needed
to work on now was whether he liked cock or not and if not if could change
that.***That Evening***It was a warm evening and Liam and I were sat in the field over looking the
valley the sky was clear and could see the stars so clearly I was surprised
by Troy's knowledge of star systems we sat opposite each other and had been
chatting all evening."So why you like coming here every summer"He smiled as I asked and sat up a little and begun to explain.**End of chapter 1**Ok so its going a bit slower then I would like promise things will start
happening next chapter.Any comments please email me niftybikerlads.co.uk

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